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December 15, 2022


Crowbar, Vacuum same thing?!

On a glass half full end, at least they thought to call you when they thought someone was up to no good. That is how the community is supposed to work with the police. Police don't really work if the community doesn't assist them, like this.

And for the community, the police are a resource that is often under utilized, so sounds like things are working the as they should when they call you about suspicious folks.

I'm in a neighboring county, and I call my non-emergency number whenever I see something worrying. Fortunately, hasn't happened as much as when I move out here. But in the last 3 months, or so, reported some graffiti* on a wooden brige, turned in a found wallet(filled with money and ID, so really hoping it got home), and a car in my apartment's lot had their passenger window busted so I reported that.

Really helps for peace of mind, to be able to pass on these concerns. Really thankful for my police.

*the graffiti one was especially weird since it was completely impossible to determine what it was supposed to say. Normally, they're like a symbol or a signature, which I might not get, but I can tell that's what they are supposed to be. But this...perhaps the can was running out of spray or something.

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