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October 13, 2022


The homeless is NOT a problem.

It's not. It's the 'condition' and how it's approached.

It's like the argument for the Dept. of Education.
"What has it done, for me, Lately?"
or Public Unions.

When did it become acceptable for teachers or other people in such a position to 'leverage' (being polited)
on the public payroll no less:
to shut down and Demand?
They are paid by OUR taxes and then they can do this?
Something is wrong with that picture.

Then again, if you look at places like Detroit...
and do an ananlysis.
Well, it takes a special type of stupid or malice to destroy all the advantages a place like that has.
Any minimal amount of study shows this.
I would like to ask how it seems to go that idiots let it happen when the idiots seems to be 'people' in somewhat of an average in the vote.
or do they all tie in together?
Do they creat the mentality of: Gotta get mine?
I think they do.

I think some have, with malice aforethought, have done this and that 'People of Goodwill' are not the evil terrorist people but them.
That is my thought on the matter.


Edwin Godfrey Bahten III

P.S. How can one learn Physics after going through Common Core?
They are hobbling people.
Destroying the best and brightest.

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