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September 09, 2022


Very well written and explained. How long has this author been on the job?

Not arguing against, but to give an outsider's perspective as to why such a reasonable request of police funding is being met with resistance:

I have not seen any tv shows in recent history (last 20+ yrs) where police were consistently portrayed as a force of good. As depicted in Tv, police vary from incompetent joke characters to malicious villains. Even when police are the protagonists, police are also the antagonists. And further, police are often shown with little regard for the law as it applies to themselves.

Most law abiding people, such as myself, rarely encounter police. Most of my experience with them comes from their portrayal on TV and in video games. The only police officer I've ever personally known is Raindog, and it was years before I knew he was an officer of the law, as I know him from an unrelated social setting.

The news consistently portrays police as villains or neutral, never good.

Further, police use firearms, which there is presently heavy anti-firearm themes on Tv. Police are also the enforcers of drug crimes, which, again, tv features heavy pro-drug themes. And police have rather scary uniforms - Very villainous with dark clothing as if they plan to sneak up on the innocent and drag them into the darkness (not unlike batman).

And on top of this, it's very hard to tell police organizations apart. I'm not sure I could tell minesoda police apart from california police at 50yds. And that might be fine with criminals, but it means that every time any police officer is in a negative report, the stories compound, even though your organizations are rather unrelated in that you really have no impute on what the other guys are doing day-to-day.

Now, I have decent ability to see past this and understand the function and value of the police, which is why I definitely want you funded. But being able to see past this seems to be uncommon in people my age and younger.

I do hope you get what you need.

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