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August 19, 2022



I love your content. I am reaching out to announce my new iPhone application, Alpha Cop. My name is Dan and I developed an app that has hundreds of case law summaries, as well as a variety of other topics (DUI, Miranda, Developing RAS, and much more).

I am a patrolman in NJ and I knew how important it was to have an easily accessible guide to reference. In future updates, I will be including a lot more information.

I figured some of your other followers might be interested in checking out the app and I was hoping you could share it with them. Below is the link:


Thanks for your time!

-Dan Banker

Good man


retire here. We need you. I need you to bring the county to what it was as and as it should be.

What you own you keep.

maybe if I say, "Git your ass to Mars!"
Enlightened self interest

High Enough


Is it Fiddle or is it violin?

Nose in the air?

@ Fritz,

She is very talented.

I'll be in the market for a new car next year. Can you say what are the most common makes & models?


If you want a fuel efficient car, a Prius with a hatch. Two members of my family have them and they can haul a decent amount of goods.

I like Nissan Rogue. They are money for value. They are comfortable, sporty, and have an Eco setting.



But does it haul wood?

Tesing RD. I think that would be a fine 9second) car but first need a work horse that I can ding the heck up.

and some good music.
Damn, we are getting old, aren't we?


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