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August 08, 2022


Pass the bleach, please.

Haaaaa, that's rich.

I've been to more than a few death investigation calls where I raised my eyebrow...

This post is worthy of spitting out my coffee lol

Naw. When I die I want to be thrown out of an aiplane and I want them to salute my falling ass
Superman costume optional

and play yakety sax as I fall.

When I die I will go off old priest grade like a Boss.

Just sayin'


for me that is what I wish to go..


When your dead, I think either one of two things happen:

1. You are dead. How would you know? or care.
2. You have ascended out or in .
Note: 2 means you don't have a body and those emotions? well, not so much.
Just a thought.
Heck...maybe you are Subsumed like a snack by G-d or the Adversary... and soul means every-thing
(hey...can I start a religion for tax purposes like that idiot Hubbard? ? snickers like Asimov and Heinlein did.

last thing I want to say is that people do not 'experience' for the sake of knowledge ...today-- but to just to experience.

Good luck with that you idiots in the 'system'
good luck with that.

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