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May 31, 2022


What he means by victim is the system.
That YOU, the system, would only make his life worse.
He would probably WANT and NEED help but where you are is something that destroys all semblance of his Hope and Change is a puddle of blood on the floor.

When Prisons are "managed" as they are and when politics trumps laws.
Well, the Common man or Woman knows the score.
It's bury your shit and weather it like a peasant.

or rise. and that is a proposition that means something else.

I have Rarely ever met a law officer that wasn't the epitome of respect and professionalism in my life.
I have met a few, but those few; looking back, are positioned to rot the Many.


When Federal is out of control, and state is a glass ceiling of families that intersect.
just no.
nopers my fucking way out of it.

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