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April 20, 2022


Good for you. A snappy salute for lasting as long as you have. That shit will suck you dry if you let it. Death by a thousand cuts.

TPTB love to pat themselves on the back for (among other things) "cutting costs", but the resulting cost is SO much more money. Press on, sir.

Good for you. That's the leverage you have, you can go anytime now. All those years on afternoons dealing with the people we had to deal with warps one's sense of normalcy.

There's an adjustment period after retirement, but the positive is you return to being a normal human being.

Take care, stay safe in the meantime.

Straight Pipe

Present Arms!
Order Arms!

Thank you for your years of service.

Stay Alert. Stay Alive.

Good on ya.
Family and you.
Time to stop ripping your heart out for them.

Time to find a place that gives a shit.

Come here!
We need good and experienced people like you.
We respect police officers



move here and you will not regret it.

Good for you! Whenever you decide, it will be a well-earned retirement.

We rejoice to hear you've set a date.
I dream of amazing stories of retirement with your wife and kids.
May you and they be blessed as you wrap this chapter up and bless them amazingly as you give them your full days ahead.
God bless you RD

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