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January 24, 2022


Everything listed equals a big Fail on the part of elected leaders and command staff.

So the department wants to boost staffing numbers by re-instituting the retire-rehire program; yeah, good luck with that.

"and still being assaulted when we did go out. We were told not to respond to any of it."

You don't even have the right of a private citizen? To respond to an assault? Insane.

The whole list is insane. Good luck.


An excellent point!


I'm so sorry about all of this. I met a lot of officers in my previous career. So many good people taking care of those who had no where else to go to be safe. It's heartbreaking to see how you all are treated. I just hope the pendulum starts to swing back the other way soon.

@FC, the pendulum won't change anytime soon. The command staff have at least four to five years left before they can retired. They are scared to keep their jobs. They won't stand up to the elected leaders of the city and back the troops.

When most of the command staff are actively applying to go to other agencies, that's saying something right there.

Elected leaders and command staff and to an extent the residents of the city created and fostered the toxic environment in the Department and in the City as a whole. Very few new applicants/recruits want to work in this City when they have better options elsewhere. No experienced (lateral) officers from other agencies want to work here.

It will take many many many years for the Department and the City to recover from this fiasco of 2020.

@Leo and FC,

City leaders and command staff are still actively fostering a toxic environment. The rehtire-rehire letter is a prime example..


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