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October 24, 2021


Kinda feels like your city is using you as a political tool, rather than the public defenders that you are supposed to be used as.

Strong resistance calling in the national guard to help with the riot until the new president won.

Defund the police, and without surprise, gun violence goes up.

I'm guessing the next step is probably using the new gun violence statistics to push harsher gun control laws.

Coincidence all, or is it being pushed this way? And if pushed, is it a crime to do so?

Or perhaps it's all a smokescreen to divert attention from something that greater...dunno.

I fear the powers that be are not done with you yet. Good luck Raindog, and to your fellow officers. I hope you are able to weather this storm, and those that come after.


73. A man kidnapped and murdered his 2 year old daughter.

74... A man was found dead in the street in the eastern section of town. His death was not the result of a vehicular accident



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