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September 24, 2021


At what point does it fall into pure anarchy? Do you have a tipping point in mind? From far away I see a slow slide, but there is a cliff edge somewhere.

My hometown has a lot of the same problems. The department that covers the city core seems to be having one or two officers taken off the road by on duty assaults every week. The chief, who is the best they've had in my lifetime, put out a statement saying it's not sustainable and hes not wrong.

This is why it makes no sense that I'm applying to lateral over there and another department next door. Being 800 miles away from home for almost 11 years has been long enough.


We are far from anarchy. The police department here has filled the vacuum of government for too long. We need to focus on crime and traffic. Welfare checks, neighborhood mediation, parking issues, and code issues (like noise) need to be handled by other government entities. The citizens are echoing this sentiment. The city needs to listen and create of re-enforce non-police systems to handle these issues.


Our chief is not allowed to make any press statements that are not first vetted by the mayor's office, so is in practice, he is not allowed to have an opinion.

If it is all the same pension system, being closer to home sounds like a solid choice.

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