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May 26, 2021


Stay safe out there!

Oh RD...
Stay safe bro.
God bless you!

Was talking to a guy, while waiting for public transit, towards your downtown area.

He was explaining how we should threaten to burn all the federal buildings to the ground unless we get a $2,000 in another stimulus check.

I tried explaining to him what a bad idea that was.

Eventually turned his opinion around when I explained that it would be hard to burn down those buildings without also burning residential buildings in the same area.

He no moral issues with burning police and federal employees, but accidentally getting the residents defeated his cause.


My mom still doesn't believe that these people exist, and instead believes only in the peaceful protesters...

Good luck, Raindog, really happy you are still around.

@ Pax,

I could not have made a better post.

Thank you,

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