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December 17, 2020


Makes sense. Rats and snakes are not something people think of when they think of 'transients'.

In the wild.

across the road from my shop is a transient, right outside the city limit, who lives in the bushes. All he wants is to be left alone.

Some of the other transients have taken taken advantage of him and so he moved to a 'hide'.
He has talked about rodents and other 'creatures' he has to deal with on a daily/nightly basis.

I sat down with him //after running out and giving him coffee and tea for over two months//

That his worries are:

the govt:
in his words:
"The govt wants to help me become dependent upon the govt. and in that regard I have no choice or who or what they do."

I told him that I have known about him for over six months and I believe he has the right to do what he wants as long as he is not harming anybody. I was just concerned and I won't tell jack shit about him.

Sometimes he even comes over now and I chat with him.

Nice guy. Shell shocked and suffering but I understand it.

One day he might rejoin our fucked up society.
Uber Alles!

I envy him in some ways.

I got a present from my boss today: A police belt.
I told him it's too wide and why?
He smiled at me.
I don't understand it.
What wrong am I doing by commenting or being myself?

I told him it wouldn't fit in rings in my pants.
"Thank you, but why?"

Shakes my head.

and what really bothers me is that he searched for a store in Modesto and said it was the best.
Best at what?
Why not a good pair of boots?
What am I to do with a police belt?
is there some damn thing I am missing?

Hell yah! got some shit for my belt.

The belt was neat, but when he pulled out the other things.

Seems that some labs love me.
he he.

best in the world.
lightning belt and well.
it's something secret...

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