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October 16, 2020


Ah, the land of Salmon and 'other' fish.
has a long history in that area.
A very long one.

Now, Klamath Falls isn't anything like I still remember.
I'll never go there again, it's probably like a suburb of Sacramento today.
Nothing left of it's heart.


When you wonder why the Orca's are attacking you should know that there are more than one type of genus of Orca.

One Genus is being starved to death...
Thus, when you see media saying why is the orca attacking people?>
Because you are killing them .

With china and Mexico and other 'States' destroying fishing by decree (the state that legally has the rights to fish)...
China and several other nations are destroying fish.
Following fish until Nothing lives.

And the dolphins, the Orca, etc...
are starving to death.
and YOU .. as long as You deny it..it will continue till the ocean is dead.



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