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July 17, 2020


How to do media and get on top:
layer your message.
One thing says one thing and another says another and it's all divided by intelligence.
and THAT is how the monkeys rule the streets RD.
that is how.

Raise your children well and remember to always question.
I am not talking about values either. I am talking about basic cognitive abilities and the forthright honest of the values that make us who we are.
This will never be discussed among those who 'riot' because they cannot comprehend it.
Self reliance? Self determination? (blame someone else! it's THEIR fault)
And thus America is divided among the slowly shrinking segment of the population who just wants to be left the hell alone and those who tax and regulate you for the benefit of those who go 'baa'
Bread and circuses my friend and to those on the side of the circus; you will NEVER get honesty. It's in their 'interests' to do what they do.

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