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June 18, 2020


You're kidding, right?

The risk to who?!?

and who will ultimately be reponsible for the death of an innocent in the ensuing car crashes?

I thought, in law, that those who know about a crime and do nothing are just as guilty.
That's an illegal order.

When the risk is not only losing ones job for following the law and being in policy of the department training, but being arrested with life in prison on the life with a District Attorney who has stated his intent is to prosecute officers and no vocal public support, what would you do?

Seattle Councilmember Tammy Morales: I Don’t Know Why Looting Bothers People


She actually said that.


As for your question RD? I would LEAVE. I would get the hell out. Your city has an infection of lunacy.


So fit to print that they will smother you with it: like a pillow.

or News: What is that?
Facts don't matter to 'them"
when their stew is to find 'Them'
and let them go and collect them like pokemon cards.
For a nice 'event'

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