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June 03, 2020


Why am I watching multiple videos of the police showing up when people are caught in the ACT of looting and the police yell, "Get out of here!" and LET THEM GO.

So they can go loot another place...
and another...

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

@Fritz, It is a logistics issue.

If they grab the looters, then they have to be able to safely pass the looter off to a custody team. If they take the looters themselves, they is no one to handle to next problems. To successfully prosecute, a detective team needs to be in place and given all the relevant info as to the who's, where's, and why's. You can't pull people off the line to write reports, so arrests at best are sporadic. If you just arrest people and know one knows why, it is essentially an illegal arrest.



It's pissing on a brush fire and moving on befire the fire is out...
and nothing stops.

If the people are not rounded up who are doing this...then the next problem will be the same people.

Take them all out and the problem is no longer there.

I'm sure you know that these 'protesters' are not just doing one little 'protest/loot" and then going home but are hitting whatever their hearts desire.

I wonder if any welfaire offices have been burned yet?

maybe the police should stay home then?


America's most beloved science fiction book store burned down.

Dozens of people dancing around and yelling, "It was a pleasure to burn."

Books that are first editions, not in print anymore or just very rare. GONE.

They are targeting book stores.




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