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April 24, 2020


Tax evasion, do not pass go, serve more time than a murderer.
Rape and only 180 days..
I think our judicial system is broken and the criminals are being treated as the 'victims' and the real victims are being victimized by the system that is supposed to try impartial justice.

I once had a crush on a girl.
One day she was there and the next she was gone.
He got off and she was destroyed. Her family sent her to their grandparents.
This was back in '88.
Demographics (DID) matter.
but oh no.
I still think about her and what might have been.
and how the teacher told me what happened, after I asked in class where she was...and he pulled me from class and told me.

and today, still, I wonder what happens to those rape kits ...
do they go to shit and pushed out to the rain and elecments.
I wonder.
I am still waiting and wondering about my niece...
Was it the green river killer that took her?
It hurts sir. it hurst.
I was in the navy then and gone but they kept it from me.
and I came back and she was gone.


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