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December 17, 2019


WE have a building complex that would be perfect for the homeless in my county. The county says it's not earthquake certified and so the county employees use it for themselves....
While the homeless are not allowed shelter.

but don't worry...places like Seattle have good priorities.

Twerk it babeeeeeeeee


"May you live in interesting times..."

The fall of empire.

In other news:

PORTLAND, OR—A hip new coffee shop has opened up in Portland’s Pearl District. Unikorn Coffee is looking to fill five part-time barista positions by next Thursday.

There’s a catch, though — you must fail a drug test to be considered for the job.

In what has been seen as a slap in the face to President Trump and his plan to drug test some food stamp recipients, Unikorn Coffee promises to make drug test failure a central virtue within the hiring process.

“The more drugs in your system,” says owner Raffiki Dystonia, “the better chance you have of me hiring you. So come on down and apply today. I don’t care what kind of drugs you are into. Heck, I promise, if anyone tests positive for all ten drugs on my test, I’ll hire you on the spot, no questions asked.”

Several Portlanders — mostly homeless — have lined up outside the coffee shop for interviews. When we asked for an application, ownership notified us that they don’t believe in such a thing because it promotes prejudice. Interviewees are simply asked to provide a drug test and a copy of The Communist Manifesto to prove they own the work of art.

The sky is the limit for Unikorn Coffee. If you enjoy working four hours a day on your feet while completely blitzed out of your mind, and then riding your bike around town aimlessly for a few hours until you finally get hungry for all-you-can-eat sushi, come on down and apply today.


It is a stunt. The business won't last, but they are welcome to try. I wish them good luck finding insurance.



It's a joke article. The Babylon Bee is a satire site. Some of their satire hits dead center though.



It is a bit close to the truth.......


Yep RD,

That's what makes good satire so devastating.
Truth hurts and comedy is all about being able to laugh through the pain.

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