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September 19, 2019


I've said it before...boy, dike, finger. Except the adults aren't coming to save the day.

The funds the police need are spent making the job more difficult.

I don't know your policy on language in this blog but here goes:

You're all fucked.

And there is no kisses or KY Jelly in sight.

I believe there is a saying for this: "Shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic"....

I work in EMS in our same city. I've seen the decline over the years, and all I have to say is that I'm glad I don't live in the city, or even the county proper (one county south). I just wish I didn't work right across the river from downtown.

The bureau has been hamstrung far too long, and unfortunately even if the funds were suddenly made appropriate today for sufficient officers on the street (instead of converting car lanes to even more bike lanes, etc, ad nauseum) I don't think we would get sufficient people willing to work law enforcement under the decidedly anti-police mindset of our city.


You are correct. When you let infrastructure languish (and people are infrastructure in this regard) you end up with a wasteland like Chicago...

As for you being and ems?

You might like this blog.


The AC that designed the program is now the DC. It starts today.

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