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May 04, 2018


That's a rough way to get a gold star...

Sounds more like a Platnum or higher to me!

Shift over time just to make minimum time?

An officer with a lot of credit card debt?


For safety reasons, there is a minimum amount of officers the shift is allowed have. If the shift is short, sgts. hire overtime to make the minimum number.


It is rough since officers are burning their weekends or working double shifts.

@ EV,

Or an officer who works overtime, so they do not have to use credit cards, or can have extras, or vacations, or pay for their childrens' sports fees,


That's heart breaking and rough.
Y'all already got it tough, adding more hours on the beat "just to get by" doesn't encourage anyone...
We need to find healthy ways to encourage y'all.
I try to say thank you to Officers as I pass them.

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