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April 20, 2018


As a Probation and Parole officer myself, this drives me crazy.

In my state they recently passed a "Criminal Justice Reform Act", which makes it so that we cannot detain felons without a violent conviction when they commit new felonies. (There's a lot more to the act than this. It's just one of the bigger atrocities being committed.) It ties our hands and makes it impossible to hold felons accountable. And deputies and city cops look at us and ask us why nothing is being done to these guys on supervision.

Our hands are tied judicially. There is literally no way to hold criminals accountable anymore.

On TV, one of our conservative state politicians called the new act the "Let em all out of jail, and public safety be damned act"

Seemed accurate.

Wow, just wow!

Sounds like California, Louisiana Guy.

That sucks Lousisana Guy.
Ouch ouch ouch :(

And then you have AB-109 and it's ilk, all down to Gov Moonbeam.

Oh yeah. After AB-109 the crime rate went up over %50 percent in some areas. County jails are NOT equipped to be full time prisons so guess what happens? You have to release them because there is NO room.
This was a calculated move by moonbeam to shift blame, appease his constituency and also to not actually increase law enforcement and incarceration funding at the same time.
Totally despicable.
Just my opinion though.

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