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March 07, 2018


Sounds like that'll lead to some brain damage.

Narcan is amazing stuff. It's too bad that evidence is accumulating that it doesn't really reduce overdose deaths. Narcan just postpones some deaths indefinitely.

I have met people who has overdosed on heroin dozens of times. Narcan gives them a second chance, but in many ways it is a slow death. Without, there would be hundreds of heroin deaths in the city each year.

Fentanyl has changed the way we do business. I've only been on 7 years, but when I started, if someone found a weird bag of white powder, it'd ride back to the office on top of your duty bag.

A few months ago, a greyhound driver found some on his rig and turned it in. It rode back to the office in the trunk.

Also, the police service covering the largest city up here is not issuing officers naloxone at all, as they've been told by the independent investigations body that if an officer uses naloxone on someone who then dies, they'll be investigated, to ensure they didn't cause that person's death.

Meanwhile, I just got a 2nd dose to carry last night, my first is good until May.

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