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February 16, 2018




Sounds familiar doesn't it?
Free needles and people pooping in the streets.
The similarity?

The people in charge.
The police are not allowed to police. They are too busy cleaning up after bad policy decisions they are not allowed to call bad, on pain of being fired.
Just my opinion.

Dept honesty test.

Leave a small amount of money in the break room.
Time it.

I used to do that in the berthing compartment of the ship I was just reporting to.
Did it on five ships.
The results were interesting, to say the least.

In SF, to be fair, it's hard to get access to a bathroom. The public toilets are pay toilets, even.
And a lot of mentally ill homeless actually get shipped here, from other states, even. They stick 'em on busses.


I know some cities do that. That's what they consider "fixing" the problem."

By giving it to someone else.

EV, that problem is happening more and more in Tacoma & Seattle


There is one thing that links all these cities.
Liberal management.

If you can call it management.

Spot on Fritz!

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