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January 04, 2018


Have some dark humour.


The exceptions, not the rule....but dayum!

Also, so I can just say these stolen goods (that nice car) looked fine to me?)
(it's a joke!)

Wait, so... anybody can steal a car in your state and just say "oh, I didn't know it was stolen?"

"Well officer, I just slipped in the shower and fell into this Lexus. I didn't know it was stolen!"

@ EV,


The Court said the legislature could change the law, but the Ways and Committee said it would cost too much money to prosecute and jail, so they declined.

"It costs too much to actually go after criminals."

Anyone saying something like that should be barred from any type of public service, as that is actually criminal in and of itself.

Around here, policing is seen as a necessary evil.

I'd like to see how they would like it if they didn't have the "Necessary Evil" around to take care of their sorry asses.
You know, like NO law enforcement people at all.

"Thunder Dome" anyone?


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