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May 16, 2017


1. I gotta remember to reflash my pacset when I get back from in-service.

2. I think I disposed of about 150 unused syringes that I found in a dumped stolen along with the two county sharps containers, mini cotton balls, and some makeshift cookers... The owner of the car didn't want the syringes and the other paraphernalia in her car... Couldn't blame her.

1.My fiance just got a new patrol car for his security job. It has a "feature" wherein it beeps loudly and flashes a large red light on the dash every time it thinks you are on a collision course with another car. It doesn't know how to handle things like curves in the road. Or reality in general. Thus, it beeps and flashes constantly. Especially in the dark, which is most of the time for him, as he works grave.
The fiance managed to find a way to mute the sound, but not the bar of light.
"Borrow some painter's tape, my love," I said, "it won't leave a residue, but it will block out that blinding, distracting light they put in to try to help you avoid accidents."

2. Helps lower infection rates from used and dirty needles being shared.
Doesn't help if someone ends up getting stuck by an improperly discarded one. :(

As to the needles, the shift was less than impressed by the County's presentation. At best officers see the program as enabling addiction and a cause that has increased the amount of intravenous drug users. Needles litter streets and parks.

Most people still share their needles, so Hep C, HIV, and MERSA still spread.

Jesus wept.

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