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March 23, 2017


Shagging calls out of the barn yesterday in your side of town is a lot more depressing than my side of town... just saying, as I rolled down 2nd to a call...

And Second is not as bad as Third, or Fourth, or Sixth......

You are a good man sir. A good man.


I really don't like seeing people dig through the garbage cans to eat.

Secondly, downtown has become a dumping ground for the mentally ill. Hundreds of people who cannot take care of themselves and have been 86'd from every shelter for bad behavior wander the streets. The laws in our state favor freedom over keeping people who are unable to care for themselves in a monitored or hospital setting.


In the locker room, Straightpipe commented on how depressing he finds my district.

Something's in my eye, RD.

And yeah. You're a good person.

Protect and serve. You are a fine man. Stay safe.

You're a good man RD. Your district is lucky to have you. Stay safe and have a great day.

I gave a homeless guy really nice new socks today. Glad I did. You're an inspiration.

Are you ok? you haven't blogged anything in quite a while

A Ok.

Working has been exhausting and busy and I haven't found the right call to post.

Thank you for asking.


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