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July 26, 2015


Did you HAVE to do it to him?
Well, I guess not.
But it was the smart thing to do, so there is that.
You could have let him hurt you or the EMTs.
You could have shot him.
Ah, but that's not gonna get through to him, heh.
I wonder if a night of sobering up will offer some far too late perspective?
I long ago decided that getting intoxicated anywhere but my own home was a bad, bad idea. Even in my own home, it's incredibly rare.
Only thing that happened recently was having a bit too much sake at a sushi bar, combined with a generous fellow patron who shared a pitcher of beer with me.
I sat in the corner chatting with the chefs until my fiancee came and picked me up.
They're in the same martial art as I am. They took care of me.
Showed me the punching bag in the back of the kitchen. You had to get your leg over the tempura batter bins to kick it.
Probably the last time I will be intoxicated outside of my home or some friend's.


He made the choice. One he is intoxicated and a danger to himself and others, I am obligated by law to take care of him.

I tired to talk him down.

I gave him options.

He choose to fight.

It was the wrong option.

I took him down at half speed to eliminate as much injury as possible to the man despite his intent to cause harm


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