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April 04, 2015


Breaking down the call, there are three important factors.

1. I told the man he was under arrest. If he fled, it would an escape charge. If he physically resists being taken into custody, then he can be charged with Resisting Arrest. He has to be told this, by case law, having the police try to handcuff a person is not enough.

2. I warned him I would use force. Yes, it gives him warning on whatnImwill do, but it grants him the chance to chance his mind.

3. I used my thigh to break his fall. I could have let him drop and hit the concrete head first, but that would have caused and injury. I am skilled enough at arm bars, I choose to slow his fall. If he had a needle in his pocket, I could have been stuck. Fortunately, the needle was in his pack.


I guess if he was Mr.-Good-Decisions he wouldn't have stolen the beer in the first place . . .


You are correct, in my profession I rarely have a chance to meet people who make good, wise, and logical decisions. I meet the petty, the capricious, the desperate, the incapable, the incompetent, the drunk, the high, the stupid, the obtuse, the confused, the pre-occupied, and the mentally ill.

Thank you for commenting!


RD, I found out working Detention, that if a told them what their extra charges would be for doing it the hard way and then let them think about it for second; they would often change their mind and cooperate.


I have not had that luck lately. People want to see if that line will be crossed. I think they draw a line, and the other side backs down. Then, they are shocked when commit to a decree despite the warnings.


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