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February 05, 2015


What does this mean?

Absolutely, couldn't agree more!

An arm bar is where you lock the arm out in such a way that compliance is forced. The person has to choose between complying and a broken arm, if they seriously fight it, though it rarely ever comes to that. That is the feeling one gets from an armbar though- the feeling that your arm will break if you resist.

Unless the person is drugged out of their mind or totally crazy to an extreme degree, they will comply, with no one taking any damage. You can then hook the perp.

An armbar takedown usually forces them to lie down. If done properly, hopefully the cannot even try to roll out of it. A foot or knee and taking them straight down (moving with them while you take them down) helps with this. You want the elbow locked out, pushing down on the elbow or shoulder, and pulling up on the wrist or hand, creating a lever action while maintaining control.



Have a great weekend,

You too, RD, stay safe out there!

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