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February 16, 2014


Nice snatch. I hope you get the employee of the month parking place for that.

The scrappers here have taken everything not nailed down. One crew did get a surprise when they tried to renovate an Environmental Protection Agency priority clean-up site though. It took multiple washings to get the glow out of their clothing.

Very glad all ended well and that his hand came up empty. My heart would be jumping out of my chest if I had to do that.
Thanks for sharing. Your style of writing really brings it home. Well done to you and the rest of your crew.


The stop was moments away from a shooting. I think he was going for the knife, but decided against it at the last second.

@ SD,

This is another one for your series of shoot, don't shoot.


Heart in the throat moment. Relieved everyone made it out physically unscathed.

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