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November 25, 2012


I thought that was km for a second and thought that that one's just a puppy. Still, only 80 thousand k is pretty I think the highest we have is around 165 k now, they're supposed to be rotated out at 150, but the people who give us our cars are behind. The higher mileage cars(we still don't have an equivalent word for km), are a real drain on maintenance, as they're always breaking.

It's an 09 and my old car. I thought I'd snap a pic with my new camera to mark the mileage.

0.9 miles too far for my OCD...

I logged into a car with 800 km on it last night and by the time I was done it had 1075. Ever since I switched from a municipal zone to a rural one, I put on around 150-200 km minimum per shift. My record is around 445km(the equivalent from Portland to around the Canada border). Needless to say, we put some miles on our cars.


That sounds like my brother's mileage on most shifts.


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