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February 25, 2012


Stopped at a Hampton Inn in Memphis for one night, my wife complained when I insisted we empty the car for the night. The next morning, four cars, two on our immediate left and two on the right had broken-out windows but ours was untouched.

We CONSTANTLY have things stolen out of cars. The CAD dispatch looks like this


It was locked, there are no signs of forced entry and the IPod is gone. I'm going to have to go with, the car was not locked and you just don't want to look stupid. That's ok though.

I come from a much larger city than the town I work and it just amazes me how innocent some people are.

I talked to one of these vehicle owners and he's all "I leave the door unlocked so the window doesn't get broken." At which point I inform them that that might make sense in the city, but in the town, the people who go into cars(I know most of them) won't break in, because it's too loud and too rich for their blood.

But oh well.

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