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October 19, 2011


Are you guys issuing tickets for anything?
Loitering, for instance.
How are these people eating and paying the bills?

The mayor and city council have waved cite code for the Occupy Protest. One commisioner has publically stated that the first amendment trumps city code.

We have been told to not to enforce this laws.

Yesterday, we were told we cold start enforcing open container of alcohol in the park.

After officers arrested one for distribution of marijuana, the mayor tweeted that officers would be making drug arrests.

I have been told that local unions have been providing the port-a-potties and generators. Other people have been dropping off food.

The encampment is two city blocks filled with tents. They have a kitchen, library, and recycling area among other amenities.

Reminds me a couple years ago, when the Rainbow Family set up camp down the road. The local Ace Hardware store closed at about 15:00 because they couldn't keep up with the losses off the shelves.

But... I wish I could drop out and go camping whenever I felt like it...

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