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October 23, 2011


The gov'ment ought'a work a lot like that, too.
('Course, a swift kick in the butt ev'ry now and then sure might be helpful.)

I have one word on this: AMEN!!!

I second the motion.

My mom used to threaten my sister with a call to the police for her unruliness. Looking back, I wonder if they were empty threats, or if she ever tried calling and was told to deal with it herself.

In my limited experience a child who is outwardly scared of the police has seen a family member arrested.

Case in point: I show up to a not very bad MVC and the two year old starts crying and mom has to reassure her "it's the police, they're good guys." When I run mom's name to get her DL number to write her ticket, she comes up as being at risk of domestic violence.

Interesting. Does your agency attach special interest files to DLs or do you have a separate agency screen for all subjects for run?

My agency only flags mentals, resisters, and subjects likely to run.

We do attach to DLs and flag about 8 or 9 different things, plus special interest. I run the plate, which automatically runs the RO and I get their history as well. It's a good system when it works. It's technically a separate query, but the computer is set up to bunch them together. Have fun at occupy(We don't have one)!

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