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August 25, 2011


Just "careless" cite?
I have much stronger language rolling around in my brain for this one.

I charged the driver with other offenses. The DA rejected them, and recommended Careless Driving: a violation.

The driver did have to pay for the thousands of dollars of damage to the line and the capping effort.

Dang...you sound like a stunt guy for a Clint Eastwood movie. whew. too close, eh?

It's isane how the DA handled it. A slap on the hand? For all that damage and nearly killing you? If that's simply "careless" I'd hate to see what it takes for him to deem something "dangerous and life threatening".

That is absolutely ridiculous. I know it's the DA, so there's not much you can do, but seriously? I'm glad you're safe.

I'd have loved to have seen the driver on a charge of attempted murder of a police officer...

That last line makes me so angry can barely type!!

glad your ok, RD

Well told RD and glad you are still with us.

Careless driving? That is just a fine and the equivalent of squealing tires in my old jurisdiction. That must have been frustrating.

I was dumbfounded at the DA's decision, but I went to the young woman's home to cite her for the careless, she was still deeply disturbed and very sorry. She planned on taking a year off driving. She could not shake the thought of nearly killing me, the Volvo driver, herself, and her friends. She did not understand why she was not facing more charges. She would not have fought the others.

Oh, you gave me a scare there, Raindog. Too close for comfort, methinks. It's a dangerous job you have; having to stand on all kinds of roads with all kinds of drivers around. Take care :-)

Rookie DA afraid to prosecute?... Or old incompetent and lazy DA? I would venture a guess it was one or the other. Though, thank god, it sounds as though the young lady shook herself to the core and was not too self absorbed and uncaring (afterwards at least) to take notice.

1/2 way through reading this I thought, "he's a goner", but realized you are here to tell the tale! You had me on the edge of my seat! So glad this turned out the way it did. Lucky.

Glad your safe RD,

Glad you aren't hurt, sounds like everything lined up just right.

Talk about close calls. Glad you were not hurt. Someone up there really likes you.

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