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August 16, 2011


After Grand Jury, the DA round filed the case. The victim denied everything.

I'm glad the dogs intentions were incomplete... but how frustrating otherwise.

Having dealt with similar cases, I hope you can see the humor after your report is written. If we don’t laugh we would spend all of our time crying:-)

Novel material. Wambaugh would be jealous.

When the woman pulled the trigger. He son was sitting in his bed in the room directly above hers. The round missed the bed by a foot and continued through the ceiling of the second floor of the home.


Thank you for the compliment.


your luck with dogs is improving!

i'm betting you'll be back to that house.

stay safe and watch your six RD. glad everybody was ok.


Watching my six, my nine, my twelve and three.

I am sure we'll be back to that house.


The house caught fire and burned on Saturday. It's still standing, but uninhabitable.

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