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March 31, 2011


Interesting. There's still a lot of argument whether Quick Clot is relevant when EMS is close. (i.e., a non-military, urban environment). Are any of you carrying tourniquets as well?

we have being looking into that for our cars too. useful little things

@ Davey,

No tourniquets as of yet.

The issue in the city comes down to protracted gun battles or where in officer is pinned down and needs rescue. Medical units stage in the safe zone. Officers doing the rescuing would be equipt with the quick clot.

you should check out blueline tactical's RES-Q PAK or ITS Tactical's ETA Kit. both are excellent. I carry the RES-Q PAK on my duty belt and a tourniquet in my BDU pocket.

I sometimes wonder if this is progress?
Quick Clot is a marvelous new innovation.
I have some out in the rig for the time I come out second best in an argument with a elk or bear.

But needing it in a police first aid kit.
Best to have it and not need it, than vice versa.

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