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February 09, 2011


(And then checked your backseat real well.)

Good job lookin' out. I bet it made their night.

Oh, yes. I did.

She was very happy.

I gotta say I'm impressed with that. You sure didn't have to and as I read I expected a worse reaction (I, myself, would be a bit confused by the request trying to imagine my self as the officer in that situation).

But that's cool.

You know RD, as a guy just starting a career as a cop, I think you need to know that when you do things like that, you have impressionable young officers looking to you for cues. Whether they're from your own service or one across the world, it's good to let them know that it's okay to have fun with people and enjoy your job. Whether stickers for kids or rides for hipsters, I can tell you're the kind of cop I'd like to be "when I grow-up". Thanks for that.


That is a very nice compliment.


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