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December 31, 2010


Dear RDB,
I trust that D.D. is still with the agency. And I wish him good fellowship with short staff, and even better awareness with long dark hours at his agency. May his county's voters see the light.

My best wishes to all your family in the New Year.

Ann T. Hathaway.

@ Ann,

He is. Many of the deputies with greater seniority left for other agencies across the state with stable funding.

The voters already voted down one bond.


No coverage for half the day?
I smell political B***S****.

So, is the Sheriff issuing Concealed Carry permits?

@ Skip,

According to my brother, it is the type of county where people leaved loaded rifles in their unlocked trucks.


my first day new rotation was only 17 hours.

Here in Kalifornicate the sheriffs of Sacramento and Fresno counties has said, after layoffs, "we cannot protect you anymore" and started issuing shall issue as opposed to 'may issue'.

Just wait until someone with money/power needs help during those unmanned hours.....boy, will the screaming start then....jsut hope the sheriff has the cojones to say "i told you so"

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