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November 18, 2010


All of our patrol shifts have been recently tasked with city sticker enforcement. I have my officers going down busy for 2 hour shifts to knock our assigned list out.

It's simply revenue generating. I hate it. The officers hate it. I believe upper admin hates it. But city hall demands it.

I believe citations should only be for behavior correction. Never to simply raise revenue. I say, add a fee to the water bill, and leave the police out of it. (Thanks for letting me vent.)


City Sticker Enforcement? I am not sure what that is?


Be glad, RD, and hopefully it's just a midwest thing. Every vehicle registered in the city must have a city sticker affixed to the lower right front windshield. Stickers are $25 each. It's essentially a tax, but it is enforced by parking ordinance, meaning we can write a parking ticket for "failure to display city sticker". So we are given lists of addresses and vehicles that did not purchase stickers, and the officers have to go on a hunt to locate the vehicles and issue the tickets. It's a lot of work to accomplish something that could be handled quite simply through another process.


I have never heard of sure a thing.

What about visitors to the city?


Okay, I am curious. How many other cities have the City Parking Sticker Program LT mentions? If anybody would like to answer or no to for their local municipality, I'd like to know.


It doesn't apply to visitors, because it only applies to vehicles registered to an address in the city.

Here's one example...


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