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October 01, 2010


He plead guilty. He blew an .08. He had three $50,000 warrants for his arrest dating back three, five, and eleven years each for DUII, Attempting to Elude, and Reckless Driving.

You and dogs - you're lucky he didn't bite you :) Glad he didn't hit anyone or anything in the slow-speed chase.

Doesn't sound like he should have had a dog license, never mind a drivers license.

Oh wait, he probably didn't have either.

Just out of curiosity, what did happen to the dog?

Would there have been any difference in that outcome if he had stopped when signaled?

Yes, but a polite drunk, and a dog lover.

Nice work.

Is it just me, or does it sound like this guy has completely given up on himself?


Yes. Dogs don't like me in uniform.

If the pursuit who have become dangerous, I'd be obligated to terminate it.


He didn't have either.

His neighbor held his dog until family could come and get it.

If he stopped, I would have boxed him in.


Nope. He's a smart man. He's been on the run for years living under the law.

Bernie has completely given up on himself....

Gaaaaaaaah. Even though i know these stories have to turn out mostly okay, since you're posting them, i still find myself getting nervous with anticipation. I'm sure the real-life situation is even worse. How frustrating to find out it's all because of something stupid.

I'm sorry...am I the only one laughing out loud right now? You know that dog was thinking what a dumb ass his owner is for not stopping.

@Sister - LOL! Probably.


People who run in a high speed pursuit usually just want to get away. The slow rollers though always seem to have what they think is a logical reason for not stopping. I couldn't wait until I scrolled down and found out what this guy's reason was.

You should be thankful, that he wanted to get the pooch secured. I remember your last canine encounter.

our slow speed chase of the week involved him wanting to see grandma before he went to jail on the 8 warrants (most for beating his girl)

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