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May 20, 2010


Very smart move on his/her part.

Still bittersweet, isn't it? I mean, it IS the SUPPORT staff...

I wonder if the previous Chief's huge stink over it was her last major contribution to the department. Or if it was the new Chief's first request in negotiations.

I'm not inclined to give that brainy move to the mayor.

Good news though.
Ann T.

That's "better", but I suspect that means that existing support staff or officers will be picking up the slack?

I talked to the Chief yesterday. I asked where the lay-offs would be? He said the desk clerks at the traffic and training division would all be cut. The afternoon desk clerks at North and East Precinct would be gone. All of the civilian background investigators would be cut. The office of standards is completely eliminated. A forensic technician, an auto mechanic, etc. and more will all be cut.

All of those positions are needed. The clerks answer phones and are constantly helping officers.

There are no good cuts, but having officers over support is an obvious choice.

When my employer cuts those kinds of positions, that just means *we* have to pick up the slack to get all the work done.

Bottom line, for your situation, is there will be fewer officers out there where they are needed.

Not good, not good.

I hate to see support staff go but, in the long run it will be easier and more cost effective to re train, and re place those positions. Re hiring,and re training 25 officer positions will take a long time, and a lot of money. You would never get back all 25 positions for the same cost. It had to be a tough decision for the Mayor.

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