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April 10, 2010


Ring-tone for cell phone!

For Easter, my wife gave me a thumbtack microphone. It fits in the headphone jack of my i-Touch and allows me to use the Voice Recorder Application.

I'll try a few more sounds when I am up and around.

Since I will be out of it and off my feet for the next few weeks, I will be accepting guest posts.

Any police topic is fine: gangs, gear, personal stories, etc.

Send them to [email protected]


I heard this sound about 10 minutes after arriving at my local constabulary for a ride along. I pondered, "That sounds like a taser." Sure enough, some of the troops were push stunning a doorknob that someone on the other side was about to use.

The guy I rode with looked at me and said "Yeah you didn't see that."

And I was worried about ME making a bad first impression.


Great story. Thank you for commenting.


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