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March 25, 2010


And the Aussies...

Dear RD,
Thank you for the wonderful stories, the definitions, and the ins and outs of your experience. Thanks for a great use of language and a purpose beyond.

Congratulations! Two years of sustained quality that have made me the better thereby.

Ann T.

Happy anniversary, and many more to come!

And I would like to thank the author of a very interesting Blog, who not only provides a valuable service for his community, but shares a humor and a humanity about the role which most people who have interactions with police do not get to see.

I'm happy to know you Raindog, and happy to read your musings.


And Yes, the Aussies, from Australian Capital Territory,
New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia, who have all have visited over the last year.


Congratulations Sir! I'm only sad that it took me nearly a year to find your musings! Thank you for all your efforts - they are much appreciated!

Happy anniversary, Raindog :-D
The world sure is a small place, methinks :-)


I read every post, and learn a lot. Thanks RD

Happy 2nd!

And from a regular reader: thank you for the blog and the glimpse that it gives us into your life and the life of policing. Thank you for keeping the glimpse realistic. You write from the heart, and that sure is appreciated.


Allow me to offer my thanks for the service you give to your community and for the privilege it's been to read about it here and gain a new appreciation and admiration for the daily events of police work.


Are you still able to play the occasional game of Warhammer? or has that fallen by the wayside?

Happy anniversary, RD. It's been a pleasure to ride along with you. (:

...Such a pleasure that i had to post twice. (DOH!)


Yup, 7 games last week.

Another lurker but avid reader here. Thank you for the great photos and writing RD.

Happy Anniversary RD!! Thank you for the insights and the amazing photos, you are truly talented with word and image.

I've been going through the archives and just got to this point, and thought I'd offer belated congratulations on your blog's second year. I've added it to my feed reader and really enjoy it. Thank you for your blog and for your service as a police officer. Be safe.

Hey RD. This is page 71 for me, in just about 4 days.

Thanks for doing what you're doing- in writing, and in combat boots.

I'm a Canadian in China getting experience with the language before applying to BC Police Forces next year. This blog you are keeping is motivating me, and reminding me that I'm 10,000km away from home for a reason.



Thank you for reading the blog and than you for taking the time to comment. I am always impressed when somebody takes the time to read a majority of the blog. Some of my friends tell me it is too dark to read more than a few entries at a time.


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