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October 19, 2009



Commonsense is, yet again, proven to be remarkably uncommon. Nice catch.

I want to feel bad for the guy, but he really did do absolutely everything wrong there.

So he wouldn't open the door for you and face the music, but he still went out driving the next day? You would've thought he at least had the sense to either run off or not go out of the house. People are strange creatures...

When I was in jr. high, my next door neighbors were taken in on drug charges. I remember walking home and noticing police cars - under cover and regular - parked in various places up and down the street. I got in the house and locked all the doors - the neighbor never noticed any of them... drove right past them into his driveway and was pulled out and arrested.

given a chance to suffer the least, he still choose the most suffering.
proving again somepeople are idiots.

I love stories with a happy ending.

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