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September 25, 2009


:) That would give me a warm feeling, to know that the neighborhood is being watched over while most of us are sleeping.

One of the neighbors in the South Village told me she does not sleep well until she hears the prowler drive by at night

I love the way you write about little things as well as bigger. I'll stop by your blog and find a little something about the things that make up a policeman's day. Observations about people or creatures, important things and not so important things :-)


On the day I saw the man with the worms, I chased a car. The driver fled on foot. I chased him down and arrested him. Of the two incidents, the man with the worms seemed more interesting to write about. My blog is about momentary glances of police work, the man collecting worms is like the bats over the pond, a sublime moment I'd like to share.

Thank you for the comment and for being a valuable member of the this blog.


Keep up the good work RD. We now live in a small town where the patrol units drive by my house regularly at all hours of the night (even though we live on a deadend street).

The zones were so big where I worked, I did not have the heart to tell some folks who lived in my zone that I had never been down their street before--the squeaky wheel applied.

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