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August 28, 2009


It's a good thing you are out there in this job - that is an amazing story!

the average stopping distance for a train?
something like 1 mile.

jeeeeeeeeSUS. What a story! He was right, you did a good thing. Lives saved that night.

They ought to buy a cel phone or even a radio for the train driver. Seems safer than having a policeman run code to deliver the message.

Yikes...excellent job.

So did this get mentioned at roll call?
Um that would be a "No'.
Does your Lt know about this?
Um, "No."
How about your Sgt?
Do more than 5 officers on the shift know?

See a trend?
What a cozy, communicative, supportive place your working in...
This totally pisses me off.

Great catch!

I was nervous there for a while, let me tell you :-) Playing chicken with a train must be categorized as an extreme sport, methinks

Awesome save there, but I agree with h some how some way the people higher up the food chain need to know. And I really hope the people that you prevented the train from hitting had enough sense to grateful.

I remember reading an article about the effect of train/car crashes on train engineers - You saved more than just the car occupants' lives, no doubt.

Several things to say here -

1) Wow - amazing job on your part.

2) The Wicked Tinkers rock. The Farmer rates as a perennial favorite of mine.

3) Did the engineer seriously say that? Have I read Sam & the Firefly at bedtime too much? My daughter will be thrilled to hear this story. :)


I was listening to Loud.

Yes, the engineer did say it. Twice. Once after I told him the story and again as I started to leave.

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