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August 20, 2009


I've found quite a few people who've said yes. But come to think of it, the question I offer is generally rhetorical.


Everyone pays attention to a red dot.

@ Christopher,

At least the rhetorical question announces a warning of intent that can be documented in a report. Though, I do find it interesting you find quite a few answers of, "Yes."

How long have you had tasers in your department?
What are your rules for discharging them?


We've had tasers for about four years. I've deployed a taser approximately 15 times, most of those uses coming in the first year when I was part of an active tactical unit. Generally, they weren't situations where a warning was warranted.

The taser can be used for any type of resistance above passive.

@ Christopher,

Our use of force spectrum for taser usage is the same as your department's.

I used the taser a great deal in the first two years they were deployed to the rank and file. Now most of the bad guy willing to fight have been tasered at least once. In the last week, I have had two subjects I would had to fight pre-taser, throw themselves to the ground to comply with my commands once the taser has been unholstered.


And that is when the taser is most effective, when it's reputation proceeds itself.

And yes, I find taser use has dropped significantly since initial introduction.

Interesting thing about the Taser - we have just been handed down new guidelines as to their use here in Canada after the Braidwood Enquiry after a man was Tasered and died at the Vancouver Airport a couple of years ago.

I was a Taser operator prior to being assigned to K9. One of our guidelines was (and is) that you will only consider the use of the Taser if you have lethal cover. And as K9 officers are often by themselves and have their dog as a tool in the arsenal, we (K9 offices) are not allowed to carry Tasers.

As for their actual use - I had deployed the Taser on a handful of occasions, all with favorable results. It is a very effective tool.

Oh, and one more thing - I have found that many suspects would chance getting Tasered, but VERY few will chance wrangling with a police dog.

I've never seen the level of compliance I have seen since being in K9 - even the most hardened criminals will surrender when warned a police dog is about to be let loose.

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