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June 15, 2009


Hi, Raindog. Nice to meet you! I'm a paramedic from across the Atlantic, I think you know where? I work outside the big city I live in, I have two big kids and two (very) spoilt cats. And a rocket scientist for husband :-D
I like your writing because all I know about US police comes from Hollywood, and it's so much more interesting to read about real life.
Do you carry a weapon because you have to (like you're never really off work), or for other reasons? I'm puzzled that "everyone" in the US carries firearms. Here, it's stricktly forbidden and not even the police does.

I drive an '08 Crown Vic which was really spectacular. It's much nicer than the last piece of junk I drove. I drove my previous car's engine to death in a pursuit. That was a piece but it could haul.

I also carry a Glock, but ours is the 22, a .40.

I love my Danner boots. Water proof and sturdy. Had them nearly 10 years now and I'll probably retire in them.

No partners here either unless you field train rookies.


Nothing from Hollywood portrays policing accurately.

At work, I am required to carry a firearm. One round is always in the chamber. There is no safety. The gun is hot and ready to go.

Off duty, I rarely carry a weapon unless it's to or from work or court.

@ Roanoke,

Greetings! I've admired your blog for some time.

I'm not new to your blog, so I'll just wave as I head to your next post ;)

Sweet blog. Glad you commented on mine... I like how you write.

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