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June 10, 2009


Nice job on the pass. Shooting through any kind of face covering never really gets easy; some of the most challenging shooting I've ever done was on a range day during a heatwave wearing kevlar and a beat-up S-10 respirator. Good times.

I don't envy you. It was 90 degrees the day the shot. Between my vest and the helmet, I was thoroughly soaked. Shooting in a gas mask would have made things very interesting.

Thank God he didn't find out about that holstered brick in a different situation.

Congrats on the double pass!

That sounds both exciting and frightening at the same time.
I've gone shooting once, and while I was a good shot, when I wasn't aiming at a target all I could picture were those science shows where you see what a bullet does to raw meat - if I wasn't actively aiming at a target, I didn't want the gun in my hand.

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